Look what you made me do

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with that T.Swift song.

It is about me, a “me” in which you may find yourself. Have you ever thought how far you’ve reached so far? Have you ever thought how much you’ve changed in one week? One month? One year? Oh, I have, and if you didn’t until now, you definitely should.

It was like yesterday, I was that “fat kid” who wasn’t playing with the other kids just for the simple fact that he was feeling ashamed and he couldn’t integrate very easily into groups. But why? Because he didn’t even tried to get over the problem.  From now on I will refer to the “fat kid” with “the boy”.

So, the boy lived for many years with the impression that the world is a very bad place, the friendships were just shallow connections and the possibility to create something was cut off from the beginning.

As the time passed, the boy grew up, finished the secondary school with the same opinion about life and after high-school the world started to show another face. He started to talk, he started to know, he started to understand that not everyone can be on the same page with you and it is ok the have different opinions. It is OK not to be like everybody else! It is OK to think differently! And it is OK to express yourself however you want! It doesn’t matter what the others think, what do they care? What truly matter is to agree with your own person.

Skipping all the childhood drama, the main idea that the boy wants to share is: “Accept yourself and express yourself!”

To get the whole idea time is requested and a little bit of help. I found the help that I needed in two books, “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne and “How to win friends and influence people ” by Dale Carnegie. I really recommend you this two books to read!

It took me plenty of time to get over my old self. It also took me a while to process the content of the books, but once I did, I can say that I received a gift, I was completely changed. Sometimes I can’t really recognize myself when I’m comparing with the old me.

Yeah, enough with the bragging part. It follows the question: ” How can I become that person that you taking about?”

The answer is simple and in steps, so:

1. Accept yourself, man!

Yeah, you have a scar on your face, and? If you didn’t, it wouldn’t be you anymore.

You like to dress eccentric. Super cool! I love funny socks.

You like to spend time alone, reading! Do whatever makes you happy, but don’t forget to socialize from time to time.

2. Stop worrying so much!

I know a lot of people worrying about so many little things. Forget it! It won’t make a difference thinking about that thing 24/7. Everything happens for a reason. Let the Univers do it’s job!

3. Pff, I don’t know what else to tell you

I’m really not an expert in the domain, I’m just a random weird guy giving crazy advices.

To finish this thing I don’t recommend you to take me seriously, do whatever you want! You are free, dude!

Peace to the world!

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