How do I reinvent myself?

After a substantial writing break I’ve decided to begin a long process of reinventing myself. 

No worries, I will not make up any stories from my imagination, every idea is filtered from psychological books, especially from “How to win friends and influence people “, Dale Carnegie (over 16 million copies sold). 

To begin I want to mention first that every principle is tested by myself and they really work. The one and only inconvenience is that the process is long and practice and patience will be needed, so? Shall we?

“If you want to gather honey, don’t kick over the beehive “

Sounds boring already with all that extravagant meaning, isn’t it? But before you’d say that, let me explain what does it mean and I’ll say something like this: I have plan, I want to obtain something, whatever that might be, so what should I do to get that thing? When it comes to obtaining something, usually people are involved in the process, so to gather some honey you’ll need to make an “act”. I’m not promoting selfishness, that act I’ve mentioned before needs to be legit. You need to know how to interact with people, it is essential to know how and when to compliment them, make them feel important. 

I’m stealing the last word from the last paragraph, “important”. The keyword is “importance”. People just love that feeling of importance, no matter how small it is, if you make someone feel important you can already be sure that you got under the skin of that person. 

Ok! Do over! 

I want something. It implies people. I need to make them to like me. I’m complimenting them, but without exaggeration. I’ll make ‘em feel important. Bam, bam, piece of cake! Something else? Kidding!

Besides all the tricks above there is something else which is very important in the process of obtaining “honey”. It will make you become better, you ain’t gonna be a saint, but you’ll be more fair play. 

As I was saying “don’t criticize, condemn or complain”. The “grownups” do not care about what the others are doing, do not blame someone else for their own mistakes and they do not cry in their palms like babies. They are brainstorming for solutions of their problems. How hard can it be to respect all those 3 “requests“?

So, next time you wake up tell yourself or write it down, but do not forget that today I’m not : 




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