What the hell is going on?

Same old story every day:

-going to bed at 10:30, waking up at 6:30;

-I drink the same amount of coffee, in the same green dotted mug;

-getting dressed with no enthusiasm and I hit the road to university;

-I’m walking on the same side of the street;

-I’m listening to the same playlist for 2 weeks;

-I’m sitting in the front row, I understand nothing, I’m killing some of the time with my bad jokes at which I’m the only one laughing, whatever, I found my jokes amusing!

Gosh!? How did I end up like this? Where is the excitement of living? I have the feeling that I’m getting nowhere, sometimes I’m watching the white walls, still, no movement, no thought. I’m starting to become a robot, I just know what I have to do, homework generally and basic stuff to maintain the process of existence, but not living.

What else can be more exciting than this?

Oh, I forgot! I took some shots for my Instagram to expose my “perfect ” lifestyle. Isn’t Instagram about that? Showing people the lie we live in?

Socializing? Not really! Mostly online, except this two times when I got out of the house for two hours, to meet with two people.

The worst part?

I do not have the necessary energy to care or to be bothered by this boring way of living. The people who are my friends do not have time for me, they are pretty busy dealing with their own problems. So I’m wondering: is this the life of an adult? Am I going to be like this from now on? Sh*t, I’m horrified.

So what do you want, dude?

I want energy! I need challenges to test my creativity! I want to see amazing things raising from my ideas and my work!

And what else do you not want?

I don’t wanna see mediocrity! I don’t want to see people so trapped inside their own mind! I do not want to see creativity destroyed by the prejudices anymore! I don’t know what else I do not want, my mind is blowing of ideas, can’t keep it up writing.

I’ll stop here, I already went too wild today, lol!

Live, people, don’t just exist!

Peace out! 😀

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