Be good for no reason

People? What’s going on? From where all of this hate? What happened to the kindness? To the love? To the joy of being a decent human being?

I’m in a place where I’m so afraid of the World; where I’m afraid to admit who the heck I really am, afraid to make mistakes, scared of saying what I truly think and forced to do and act as the society wants me to. It’s sad, indeed!

Although, even if I’m afraid and scared of the “people” I still do my thing. I’m making an effort to get over of all of this hate and I still believe, I really do, in creativity, in the kindness of humanity, in the acceptance and open mindedness. So should you!

Please, stop judging, stop listening to everyone’s opinion and be yourself, no matter what. I mean, what’s the point of living if we just fake everything just for the others? Stop living just for pleasing the others and live for yourself!

That being said, I’m still very shocked about what is happening into the World right now, everyday, but I still have hope that one day we’ll all live happily together without any compromises.

People, make love, not war!

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